Catalog Import Error – Could not build schema for blueprint

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Hi Team,

I am relatively new to vRA and keeping my hands dirty to create simpe blueprints in vRA 8.1.

I have created a BP which will get input from user during request. Inputs such as select CPU, Memory and OS config for deployment.(Attached screenshot).

Now when I am trying to import this BP as catalog (Service broker -> Content & Policies -> Content source -> After click on “save & import” it throws up an error stating “ Error downloading a version ‘1.0’ of catalog item ‘Custom-W2K16-Cent-OS’ (Error: Could not build schema for blueprint 28748135-c5b6-417c-ab41-1eed2ef42267”. 

Fyi, i have two other BP which got successfully imported as catalog except this one. Other two does not have any “user inputs.” dring request.

Please help to resolve the issue.



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