Can’t start ANY! virtual machine on VMWorkstation 16 after a few days of usage it (Windows 10)

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I have a problem on Windows 10. Yesterday I just closed virtual machines on my notebook as usual (I use Workstation 16 for some time already)

and today no any virtual machine is able to start. It shows all the time spinning logo of VMWare bios. 

mksSandbox.log has old date and contents. Tail of vmware.log has new date/time and is below…


2020-09-24T10:27:08.047+02:00| vmx| I005: VMXAIOMGR: Using: simple=Compl

2020-09-24T10:27:08.049+02:00| vmx| I005: WORKER: Creating new group with maxThreads=1 (20)

2020-09-24T10:27:08.053+02:00| vmx| I005: WORKER: Creating new group with maxThreads=16 (36)

2020-09-24T10:27:08.056+02:00| vmx| I005: FeatureCompat: No VM masks.

2020-09-24T10:27:08.056+02:00| vmx| I005: TimeTracker host to guest rate conversion 699561783 @ 2592001000Hz -> 0 @ 2592001000Hz

2020-09-24T10:27:08.056+02:00| vmx| I005: TimeTracker host to guest rate conversion ((x * 2147483648) >> 31) + -699561783

2020-09-24T10:27:08.056+02:00| vmx| I005: Disabling TSC scaling since host does not support it.

2020-09-24T10:27:08.056+02:00| vmx| I005: TSC offsetting enabled.

2020-09-24T10:27:08.056+02:00| vmx| I005: timeTracker.globalProgressMaxAllowanceMS: 2000

2020-09-24T10:27:08.056+02:00| vmx| I005: timeTracker.globalProgressToAllowanceNS: 1000

2020-09-24T10:27:08.056+02:00| vmx| I005: MKS PowerOn

2020-09-24T10:27:08.058+02:00| mks| I005: VTHREAD 8580 “mks”

2020-09-24T10:27:08.058+02:00| mks| I005: MKS thread is alive

2020-09-24T10:27:08.058+02:00| svga| I005: VTHREAD 14744 “svga”

2020-09-24T10:27:08.058+02:00| svga| I005: SVGA thread is alive

2020-09-24T10:27:08.058+02:00| mks| I005: MKS: SSE2=1, SSSE3=1, SSE4_1=1

2020-09-24T10:27:08.062+02:00| mouse| I005: VTHREAD 14736 “mouse”

2020-09-24T10:27:08.062+02:00| mks| I005: MKS-HookKeyboard: RegQueryValueEx(LowLevelHooksTimeout) failed: The system cannot find the file specified (2)

2020-09-24T10:27:08.062+02:00| kbh| I005: VTHREAD 14732 “kbh”

2020-09-24T10:27:08.064+02:00| mks| I005: MKS Win32: Registering top level window (0x307a8) to receive session change notification.

2020-09-24T10:27:08.064+02:00| mks| I005: Current Display Settings:

2020-09-24T10:27:08.064+02:00| mks| I005:    Display: 0 size: 1920×1080  position: (0, 0) name: .DISPLAY1

2020-09-24T10:27:08.065+02:00| mks| I005: MKS Win32: MIL: 0x4000

2020-09-24T10:27:08.065+02:00| mks| I005: MKS-RenderMain: PowerOn allowed MKSBasicOps DX11Renderer DX11BasicRenderer ISBRenderer

2020-09-24T10:27:08.065+02:00| mks| I005: MKS-RenderMain: Collecting RenderOps caps from ISBRenderer

2020-09-24T10:27:08.066+02:00| mks| I005: MKS-RenderMain: Starting ISBRenderer

2020-09-24T10:27:08.067+02:00| mks| I005: ISBRendererComm: mksSandbox command-line: C:Program Files (x86)VMwareVMware Workstationx64mksSandbox.exe –logFile C:VMWareManjaromksSandbox.log –pipeInfo .pipevmwaremksSandboxmksSandbox-52 6a e4 5e 3f 55 c8 b7-86 30 1e d7 5d 41 12 3a

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