Can't share Mac folders with Centos 8 VM.

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I have clicked ‘Enable Shared Folders’ but a warning says “Shared folders will not be available in the virtual machine until VMware Tools is installed and running”.

In the “Virtual Machine” menu, “Reinstall VMware Tools” is greyed out.

In the VM, I did ‘yum install open-vm-tools openvm-tools-desktop’ which appeared to go hunky-dory. I can indeed see both packages listed when I do ‘yum list’. However, ‘systemctl start open-vm-tools’ gives me “Failed to start open-vm-tools.service: Unit open-vm-tools.service not found.”

I bought a pro license which I believe came with 3 months support or something, but so far I have been completely unable to open a support ticket. Getting very   .

Help anyone?

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