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Good morning (or whatever it is where you are) all,


I recently decided it was time to configure host profiles for my vSphere environment.

I created a profile by extracting from one of my ESXi hosts and went to town configuring it.

I didn’t change a whole lot, removing and disabling a lot of features that were either unused or unnecessary.


When I tried to save, I received the following error in vCenter:

Task: Update host profile

Status: A general system error occurred:

Initiator: mydomainuser



Error stack: Host profile update failed. Check the log files for details.

I’m running vCenter 7 (build 16749653) and all hosts run ESXi 6.7 (mix of u2 and u3).


I extracted the vpxd.log from vCenter and found the attached log extract, but couldn’t really see anything helpful.


There’s also this, a screenshot of the “Edit host profile” UI, which has a “failed” tab but shows nothing there.


It may be worth noting that I also seem to recall having this issue quite a while ago when I was running vCenter 6.7 and a mixture of ESXi 6.0 and 6.5 on my hosts, so the issue doesn’t seem to be isolated to the vSphere product versions which I’m currently running.


Are there any further logs I could investigate? Has anyone seen this before?


Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks, guys

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