Cannot enable VMware Bridge Protocol for cellular network

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Every time I try to enable VMware  Bridge Protocol the prompt below pops up. If you click ‘Yes’ the properties window closes but when opened again the VMware Bridge Protocol is not checked, if you click ‘No’ it removes the check mark from VMware Bridge Protocol.


This is driving me crazy, does anybody have an answer on how to bridge this network connection? I know that NAT would work for connecting a VM, but I need only the VM to have access to this network, I do not even want the host to be able to use it. The only way I know to accomplish this is to bridge the connection and deselect IPv4 and IPv6 on the host. I posted a similar question a few weeks back but I do not feel I explained it very well and did not include a picture for reference.


Any help on how to fix this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


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