cannot access web client or control center on 7.6

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I have a problem with my 7.6 standalone vro appliance where I cannot access the control center or web client suddenly. Java client and the web page on port 8281 are fine. I’ve restored from backup and even created a new vro from ova as a test and they all seem to have the problem yet other instances of vro in our environment are still ok.


I agree that this would appear to be a network/firewall issue but if I go onto the appliance and run: curl -k -vvv https://localhost:8283 the connection doesn’t get past the client hello. If I can’t even connect to the port from the appliance itself then I would think the problem is within the appliance. Trying the same curl command to port 8281 works just fine.


Anyone see this before or have any ideas?

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