Cannot access Sandisk SSD in Windows10 on VMWare Fusion

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I am using an iMac2017 and VMWare Fusion to host a virtual Windows10 OS.

My goal is to install Windows OS onto a SSD so I can boot directly from the external on my iMac.


Im following this method: How to install Windows 10 “Boot Camp” on a Mac External Drive the EASY way! (2020 edition) – YouTube


I run into problems when I connect my Sandisk Extreme Portable 500G into the iMac.

The windows chime indicates it recognises the disk being connected, however I cannot access it in anyway.

Im not too familiar with windows but after hunting in “This PC” and “Computer Management” I can’t see the drive anywhere.


If I change the USB settings on VMWare to 1 or 2, it gives me an error the moment I start the VM.

If I use 3.1 I get no error and a chime telling me it is recognised but still invisible…


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Ive been trying several things on this and other forums but no success.

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