Can you disable Control-R (Restart Guest) on Workstation Pro?

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I’ve noticed that on Workstation Pro 15.5.6 I often accidentally invoke VMWare Workstations ‘Restart Guest’ functionality when switching between Linux Guests.


My plan is usually to switch between full screen guests and use the Linux ‘Control-R’ on a command line window to recall a prior command.


But I often forget to click on the new Window first. The result is I get the Workstation pop-up asking if I want to restart the Guest.


Since I very much don’t want to normally do that, I was wondering if there was a way to disable (or re-assign) that hot-key so that I lessen the chance of accidentally restarting the guest. (Lucky for me the window still has the check box about showing the window next time, but it still makes me nervous).


I didn’t immediately see a choice for anything like that under preferences/hotkeys.


Or, is there a way to to have the new Guest get control automatically when I click on its tab (so I don’t have to first click on it after switching Guest Tabs)? Normally I go to the tabs at the top of the full screen to select a different guest.



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