Can I use powercli to add a user or group to a windows VMs’ local administrator group?

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I find myself stuck at this point. Our network had a mistake in some firewall rules for a new VLAN. It allowed the systems to join the domina, but not communicate properly with it afterward. After the mistake one system would still not update group policy and get the proper admin groups added. I would like to try to fix it, but I can’t do any administrative things on the system, since I’m not in the local admin group yet. When joining the local administrator password was changed, but it didn’t register in the domain, so I can’t log in with that. It’s also EFO, so my normal password reset tools are also not going to work. I recall doing something that installed via the tools, can a group be added to the local admin group that way? Probably not,,, Is there a EFI boot disc, that can open the vm to reset the password?



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