Can create Content Library, but can’t use it

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After an upgrade from 6.0 to 6.5, and 6.7 (VSphere hosts and VCenter), I’m unable to use Content Libraries.

I’m able to create one, either on local datastores or NFS remote storages. But when I try to display information, I end up with a result like this :


Right now, I’m even able to upload an OVA in the Content Library without error. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, freshly uploaded template remains unable.


What I’ve tried :


  • Use either HTML5 or Flex interface. Same symptom.
  • Looked at KB2151085 details. Unfortunately, my content-library service is up and running, and I don’t have “” file.
  • Tried as administrator@vsphere.local. Same behaviour.


Any ideas ?


Thanks for your help,

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