Building VMWare homelab

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So, I have been running ESXi / VSphere on a home lab for the past yr.  I have learned at TON.  BUT at the moment, I am looking for some help / guidance on the best way to move my lab to the next level. When I initially set up the servers, I was concerned about developing in an isolated environment that would allow me to take down portions (on purpose or by mistake) without impacting the production environment. (FOR REF: my production side of the homelab is the portion that runs the services / internet etc for the family)


I know have a decent understanding of some of the basics, but I am thinking that there must be a better design, vs. what I am using now.  Current setup is 2 physical systems that are essentially the same but isolated from each other. I want to delve more into clusters and all that goes with that architecture.


Would anyone be able to guide me towards a good tutorial / reading on how to redesign my lab?  Or maybe take some time to assist me in the design process??  Appreciate any input.



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