bug when i reboot HOST

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Good morning all ,
Here I have a concern about VMWARE PLAYER 16:
After installing VMWARE PLAYER 16 on my HOST WIN 10 pro x64 machine, created a GUEST virtual machine running WIN10 pro x64 too so that I can run 2 games simultaneously, I have a problem when I REBOOT my HOST PC.

Here are the explanations: I create my virtual machine with the VMWARE TOOLS drivers installed in order to be able to activate the 3D accelerator and be able to play on it.

Everything works flawlessly, no lag (60fps), I can restart the VMWARE PLAYER 16 software, restart the VM as well as the games and everything goes without any problems.
But, when I restart my HOST PC, I restart the software, the VM, the games running at 60 fps, after a few seconds the game slows down to about 5-10 fps and becomes unplayable without getting any error message.

Here is my HOST config as well as the GUEST:



Intel i7-8700K
16GB of 3200Mhz RAM
RTX 2080super 8Go OC rogg strixx
SSD and 1 M2 hard drives
OS: Win 10 pro x64


Number of processor cores allocated: 3
Allocated RAM: 4 GB
GPU allocated: 2 GB
3d accelerator enabled
OS: WIN 10 pro x64
Allocated Disk Space: 60GB

Here are the manipulations I was able to perform:

Repair VMWARE PLAYER 16 via control panels: the problem persists
Repair VMWARE TOOLS: the problem persists
Uninstall VMWARE PLAYER 16 and reinstall it: the problem persists
Uninstall VMWARE TOOLS and reinstall it: the problem persists
Activate the 3d accelerator and reactivate it afterwards: the problem persists
Delete the VM and recreate it: the problem persists
Use another OS (WIN 7 PRO): the problem persists

I changed the settings in the VM : more processor cores , RAM , RAM GPU : the problem persists

I also configure my AVAST PRENIUM anti-virus, in the settings, there is a checkbox “activate hardware virtualization assistance” but the problem persists.

I was able to test VMWARE WORKSTATION PRO 16 before all this and I encountered the same problem when I restart my HOST PC

I think something is happening when I restart my HOST machine but I don’t know what, does anyone have a solution?

I provided the .log as well as the .vmx

Unfortunately I do not have the LOG as well and the VMX when it worked because I did not know the software well. Sorry

I hope I have put in enough detail for a solution.

Thank you all and see you soon I hope



sorry for the translation but I’m not very good in English and for the possible double post


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