BUG: VMware USB Arbitration service and Nvidia Optimus Laptop (with NVIDIA VirtualLink USB controller)

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I have a notebook with intel uhd 630 and nvidia rtx 2060 gpu in optimus mode (when not used, nvidia discrete gpu doesn’t draw power).

All new nvidia gpu’s (rtx series) has onboard usb 3 controller (type-c for virtual link: PSA: The USB-C port on Nvidia RTX graphics cards isn’t just for VR • Eurogamer.net)

But on many notebooks (and some desktop cards) there no physical usb-port for this usb controller, despite this, all drivers for this controller are installed.

VMware USB Arbitration service wakes up this controller (and all nvidia discrete gpu) each 30 seconds, significantly increase power/battery drain – in normal mode (with nvidia optimus) notebook draw only 17 Watt, but each 30 seconds it start consuming 40 Watts for 1-2 second. You can see power monitoring in attached screenshot. Only disabling VMware USB Arbitration service can help, but this leads to lack of  usb support in Guest OS.

Tested on latest VMware Player 15.5

Hope VMware developers can fix this bug.


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