BUG: Passthrough HBA Controller with VMWare 7.0

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System: Dell R730 with Dell HBA330 Controller (LSI 3008) on VMWare 7.0b Build16324942.

Goal: Passthrough Controller to VM

Issue: Passthrough not possible with disks attached to HBA330



1. Boot ESXI 7.0 with HBA330 Controller without disks attached

2. vSphere client:

  • select host
  • Configure->Hardware->PCI-Devices
  • select HBA330 controller
  • HBA330 is listed in “Passtrough-enabled devices”

3. vShpere client

  • select VM
  • Context menu: Edit Settings
  • PCI Device
  • select Passtrough device HBA330
  • boot VM

3. VM (e.g. freeBSD)

  • camcontrol devlist: controller shown
  • attach disks to controller (hot swap bay): disks recognized and accessable:

HBA330 - Passthrough Disks.jpg

HBA330 - Passthrough Disks - camcontrol.jpg


After rebooting HOST (with disks attached) the PCI device is not passthrough anymore:


HBA330 - no Passthrough after reboot - VM.jpg


HBA330 - no Passthrough after reboot - Host.jpg

No Passthrough possible with attached disks:

HBA330 - no Passthrough with disks attached - Host.jpg

Rebooting host does not help. Only detach of disks on boot enables the passthrough again.

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