Broken pipe problem in Mojave

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I followed this instruction but still having the broken pipe problem:

I had the the same problem, and tried the steps recommended by other users such as uninstalling and re-installing, going to System Preferences, ensuring Full Disk Access and Accessibility is allowed. None of that worked. I am running the latest update Mojave on a late 2013 27″ iMac and VMWare Version 11.0.3 (12992109) What worked for me:

  1. First, uninstall VMWare completely.
  2. Check this directory in Terminal: /Library/StagedExtensions/Applications/VMware
  3. If you see all the VMWare kexts there, then follow the steps below. You will not be able to delete these even with sudo
  4. Reboot to Recovery (CMD+R)
  5. Make sure your Macintosh HD (or main HD) is mounted (check in Disk Utiltiy). This will not be automatically mounted if you are using APFS with encryption.
  6. In the Utilities menu, open Terminal
  7. Enter this command: cd /Library
  8. Folowed by: rm -rf ./StagedExtensions/Applications/VMware

Now restart and re-install VMWare. The broken pipe error should now be fixed. The reason this is happening is that in the later versions of Mojave, the kexts are blocked and moved to StagedExtensions instead of being installed.

For #1, I uninstalled by deleting the VMWare app in the application folder.

For #2, when I put it in the Terminal it says “no such file or directory found”.

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