Boxer for Android App Reset itself

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Over the weekend, i have several users  (trying to find out how company wide this is) that their Boxer app is asking to reauthenticate. Notification settings and swipe actions are all reset. It’s like the app deleted its data or cache. Has anyone seen this before?


The only thing I can think of, is that 5.21 was supposed to be released on Sept 8th. But going thru the Play Store the last update is still from Aug 5th to 5.20. is it possible they released the app and then pulled it?


we are SaaS, i dont see any maintenance notifications and reports show nothing changing on our end (thinking another tech could have done something) with any profile or app config.


Any thoughts would be helpful.  Did not have to reenroll, almost like a password reset, but the app was basically wiped, its not the same characteristic as a password change.

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