BGP peering with Spines instead of TOR/Border leafs

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Is there any limitation in establishing BGP peering directly with spine layer instead of the TORs on the edge racks? The topology being considered is a L2 fabric design with MLAG on the spine. the BGP peering VLANs from edge VMs could be extended all the way upto the spine layer and eBGP established between the two spine nodes. This is requirement is arising out of the need to preserve the BGP sessions even if the Edge node VMs are migrated to another rack by vMotion . Hence there wouldn’t be any BGP session drop / churn due to this.


What would be the recommendation for a L3 leaf and spine? the VLANs cannot be extended all the way upto spine without VXLAN. So the BGP session should be over a VXLAN tunnel.

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