Basic combination of metrics – what is the general*right approach

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Hi there, I’ve been battling away for about a week now and though I should just reach out.

Iv’e used vrops in the distant past but now things are getting serious.


We have a number of independent sites around the place that are isolated vSphere stacks.

In each of these stacks are a number of core workloads, backups, vCenters, etc


I am looking to find a way to create a report that shows the total stats, CPU/MEM/DISK, this bit is easy.

But I am looking to exclude all the core workloads, so a basic total of the entire vsphere environment metrics mentioned minus the core workloads metrics


Most of these machines live in a few folders under vSphere hosts and clusters.


Whats the general approach here?  Should I be creating a super metric? put tags on vsphere folders and filter on this, filter a super metric that is a sum?


I had been doing quite a bit of testing and reading on this but there are so many ways to do things but as yet have not been successful.


Any help steering me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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