Backup and Restore of vCenter Certificates

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I am currently tasked with migrating a vCenter for Windows 6.5 installation to VCSA 6.7.

Part of the instructions within VMware’s documentation for this specific procedure mentions backing up the SSL certificates in the vCenter Server.


However, where are the certificates specifically on disk?

I saw the directory C:ProgramDataVMwareVMware VirtualCenterSSL mentioned, but on my machine C:ProgramDataVMwareVMware VirtualCenter is empty, and I was under the impression that directory was for vCenter 5.X anyway.


Looking in ProgramDataVMwarevCenterServer, I do see some rui.crt and rui.key files scattered in a few directories.

But nowhere are the certificates centralized in one location.

Surely the process isn’t painstakingly using vecs-cli to export each certificate individually, and then using the same utility on VCSA to individually import them?


I’m convinced I’m just looking in the wrong directory, using the wrong command, or missing some simple process to do this.

How does one backup and restore the SSL certificates themselves?

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