AV 2.13.1: Errors when assigning app stacks to computer OU or AD object

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We’ve recently updated to 2.13.1 to make use of the ability to mix computer and user object assignments, but we’re consistently seeing two different errors that crop up randomly when View tries to refresh a machine after user logoff, and during recompose:


1. Invalid configuration for device 1 (or 2/ 3)


2. Cannot power on VM on Host in Datacenter. Failed to lock file.


When both of these occur, I can see that App Volumes has not released the app stacks assigned via computer assignment – they remain attached to the VM.


We’d normally run the viewdbchk script on a connection server to repair the desktops, but this does not work with any desktop displaying this issue. The only way to get around it is to manually delete the machine, and then run the viewdbchk script.


The only reference to this issue I have seen goes back to AV 2.6 where the solution was to ensure “Allow non-domain entities” was unchecked int he admin gui, Unfortunately, this has never been checked in this particular environment. Has anyone else come across this before with the latest version before I log a call with support?

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