Automated build of Nvidia accelerated Instant Clone Pool with PowerCLI- Is this possible?

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Has anyone out there had success building a Instant Clone pool for Nvidia Hardware with PowerCLI. I’ve tried using my own syntax and manually building one and then exporting the JSON and trying to use that to build another pool. Not had any success


The API shows the following


enableGRIDvGPUs xsd:boolean   When 3D rendering is managed by the vSphere Client, this enables support for NVIDIA GRID vGPUs. This must be false if 3D rendering is not managed by the vSphere Client. If this is true, the host or cluster associated with the desktop must support NVIDIA GRID and vGPU types required by the desktop’s VirtualMachines, VmTemplate, or BaseImageSnapshot. If this is false, the desktop’s VirtualMachines, VmTemplate, or BaseImageSnapshot must not support NVIDIA GRID vGPUs. Since suspending VMs with passthrough devices such as vGPUs is not possible, powerPolicy cannot be set to SUSPEND if this is enabled.  Since Horizon View 6.1

  • This property has a default value of false.
  • This property cannot be updated.


As per above This property cannot be updated.


Is it not possible to build a pool through PowerCLI when using Nvidia GPUs?



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