Auto-suspend feature in Workstation Pro 14

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How does the auto-suspend feature work in Workstation Pro 14?   As far as I can tell from the documentation, this feature only works for Shared and Remote vm’s. I have a few VM’s whose files are saved on different physical drives in the Windows host and if I’m not mistaken, Shared VM’s must be on the same physical drive. I prefer to have them on different physical drives for better performance. Is there a way to use auto-suspend for non-Shared VM’s?  I see a setting in the bundled Workstation Player that came with Workstation Pro, it says “When closing a virtual machine:” and there’s an option to “Suspend the virtual machine.” But even if that’s the feature I’m looking for, this option wouldn’t work because I need to run multiple VM’s at once which I don’t believe is possible in Player. This feature is described in the documentation at

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