Auto-start VM after power outage or reboot Workstation 16 Pro

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Before Shared VMs were removed in Workstation 16, Shared VMs were the best option to auto-power on VMs.


I understand folks can add `vmrun` batch scripts or powershell scripts but almost all of these options require the user to log in first.


The scenario I would like to avoid is:

  • I am cities away from my PC
  • A power outage or reboot occurs


On startup, I am not logged in and my startup scripts will not run. I can create a Scheduled Task that runs on power on (not login), however, when I finally gain access to my physical PC and log in, the Workstation client cannot control or access the VMs (running in background with `nogui`).


I have tried to run the Scheduled Task with “runAs: my account”, but Workstation STILL cannot control unless I kill the processes and restart them.


Any thoughts?

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