Auto Deploy vSphere 7 in SCCM Environment

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Hello All,


I am trying to learn and setup Auto Deploy within home lab setup.


I have created the following:

1. Enabled Auto Deploy in vCenter

2. Auto Deploy Services running

3. Created Software Depot

4. Created Deploy Rule and activated

5. Installed TFTP Server and configured option 66 and 67.  I am running DHCP on DC Windows 2019

6. I am able to PXE boot but the problem is it load Windows PXE WIM image.  This is because, I am running SCCM.  I double checked TFTP Server 67 which is pointing to VMWare boot file and 66 is pointing to DC. 


My question is how can, I get auto deploy working in SCCM environment like, I have one.  Appreciate your help.





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