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Wondering if someone could bless this or suggest optional design.


I have three Servers connected via a pair of stacked Switches (dedicated to iSCSI and vMotion) to an iSCSI SAN.  Currently I am using the built in 1Gbps ports as follows:



nic0 – LAN



nic1 – iSCSI

nic2 – iSCSI

nic3 – iSCSI (vMotion enabled)


The iSCSI links are spread across the two switches so that if one goes down, connection to SAN will not be lost.  Each host has only about 5 VMs on it so in order to obtain some more density and not saturate the single LAN port I have obtained new Intel I350-T4 NICs that I will be installing this weekend.


New design will be (vCenter is on LAN)



Broadcom nic0 – LAN LAG1

Broadcom nic1 – LAN LAG2



Broadcom nic2 – iSCSI vMotion LAG1

Broadcom nic3 – iSCSI vMotion LAG2



Intel nic0 – iSCSI

Intel nic1 – iSCSI

Intel nic2 – iSCSI

Intel nic3 – iSCSI


Not sure if I should configure VLANs on switches?  Or maybe run Fault Tolerance and vMotion as two different VLANs on vSwitch 1 over 2Gbps LAG?


I can conceive of the concepts but flipping all the right switches is the tough part.


Appreciate anyone’s insight.

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