AppVolumes Replication – Writables and Appstacks

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Hello Everyone,


I’m currently working on getting our Cloud POD completed and the last piece I have to set is the AppVolumes replication between our two sites. Ideally I want to have users with homesites where 50% of users are using Site1 and 50% Site 2. I have two standalone vcenters and App Volumes Managers in each site. For the storage we have Pure and I have already enabled Async replication. With Appvolumes I have created a storage group and I was able to import all appstacks. Then I used the powershell script and was able to replicate all entitlements with no problems. At some point I would like to automate it because right now I’m only snapshoting a replicated Appstack datastore in Site 1 and sending it across to Site 2 and then i have to manually go in and restore it to non-attachable Datastore so then AppVolumes replicates it using storage group and imports it.


As for writables I was trying to accomplish it the same way however it looks like Storage groups either don’t apply to writable or it just doesn’t work. I looked at the Horizon reference architecture-multi site reference guide and the only thing I can find in it is as follows:


In use cases where writable volumes are being used, there are a few additional steps: 1. Mount the replicated datastore that contains the writable volumes.2. Perform a rescan of that datastore. If the datastore was the default writable volume location, App Volumes Manager automatically picks up the user entitlements after the old assignment information has been cleaned up.3. (Optional) If the datastore is not the default writable volume location, perform an Import Writables operation from the App Volumes Manager at Site 2.”



What I’m seeing though is that storage group doesn’t really work on Writables like with appstacks. It doesn’t replicate between datastores. Also, If I manually drop a writable vmdk and metadata file to the default writable location, the manager never imports it automatically like mentioned in the article.


At the end of the day what I want to achieve is to have 2 sites and appstacks and writables available at both sites at all times. A user at Site 2 might never have to log in to Site 1 but in case of disaster I would like to have that synchronized and available in both places


Can someone share how this could be achieved or if you are currently doing it, maybe share you setup?


Thank you





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