AppVol Provisioning and Windows 10 1809 Install Errors

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I am experiencing an issue where when attempting to install software while provisioning an appstack, the software will fail to install usually giving errors 110. For example, installing Adobe Reader DC failed with a two part error being the first message, “The system cannot open the device or file specified” and the second half being “Error 2755. Server returned unexpected error 110 attempting to install package C:ProgramDataAdobeSetup{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AC0F074E4100}AcroRead.msi.”


Oracle Java 8u201 comes up with the same except just generic install error 110.


Use cases that I have confirmed:

  • Appvolume 2.14/2.15 on 1809 while provisioning, software errors out
  • Appvolume 2.14/2.15 on 1809 while not provisioning, software installs absolutely fine
  • Appvolume 2.14/2.15 on 1803 while provisioning, software installs absolutely fine.


Because of the use case on 1809 failing, I need to provision my software within the 1803 computer for now. However sometimes it causes an issue – for example, SSMS 17.9.2 throws a licensing error if it is not provisioned on the gold image that the VDI pools use. So I wouldn’t be able to move those machines over to 1809 that require SSMS.


Any help is appreciated.



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