Appvol 4.1 VHD BaseAdapter method not implemented “volumes_capacity”

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So having a crack at VHD


So far hit and miss, so for some reason current Appvolumes VHD 4.1 templates get assigned for provisioning I can see the CVapps drive but I didn’t get the GUI.


So got an older 4.0.1 Template now I get the GUI when in provisioning mode Yay.


install apps as you do click ok to say I’m done and again to reboot.


it seems it cancels my package lol nice machine boots back up.


and looking at the server logs I get the following error


BaseAdapter method not implemented “volumes_capacity”



now I’ve been doing this stuff for a while now never seen this message before has anyone come across if so what was the fix ?


might log another job with VMware in this as well when next in the office.


maybe 4.2 might have better templates ?

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