Applying NSX-T license to NSX-V

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I run an environment where NSX-V 6.4.8 is deployed. For some time now I am preparing to move to NSX-T, which a test env running for some time now.

The prod environment is constanlty expanding, but, since we plan to move to NSX-T at some point, my company hase been purchasing only NSX-T licences, not NSX-V.

This leaves the prod environment with NSX-V underlicensed – for the 10 Hosts in my inventory, I have only 10 NSX-V CPU licenses, BUT I have enough NSX-T licenses to cover all the demand.


This brings me to the point of this thread – the transition to NSX-T is delayed, but I do not want to leave the prod environment underlicensed. So, I want to apply my NSX-T licensing key to the NSX-V solution in the vCenter, up until I get NSX-T in production. Both NSX-V and NSX-T licenses are from the “Enterprise (Plus)” tier. When trying to do this, I get following message:

From my experience, it does not *really* matter what license is applied to the NSX-V solution, hence the underlicensed state – NSX does not seem to mind. But I am afriad this time all of the listed features might be deactivated and I would have apply the NSX-V key again and recover functionality.

Can anyone give a tip on how to handle this?

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