Applying custom certificate in vSphere 6.5 using Microsoft CA template fails and rolls back

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When applying a certificate using our Microsoft CA (I followed the VMware article/video on how to create a certiifcate template) to our vCenter (Windows) server, it fails and rolls back. The issue I’m getting is the same as the following discussion posted a few months back. However, there’s no fix provided:certificate-manager ‘lstool reregister’ failed: 1 / VCSA Certificate Manager Option 1: Replace Machine SSL certificate with Custom Certificate


The error in the log:


2017-10-19T00:26:19.474Z ERROR certificate-manager Error while replacing Machine SSL Cert, please see C:ProgramDataVMwarevCenterServerlogsvmcacertificate-manager.log for more information.

2017-10-19T00:26:19.474Z ERROR certificate-manager ‘lstool reregister’ failed: 1

2017-10-19T00:26:19.476Z INFO certificate-manager Performing rollback of Machine SSL Cert…


Is there an actual fix to this that can be made available instead of me having to call VMware support?



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