Appdatalocalmicrosoftwindows folders missing after OSOT

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I am building a Win10 1909 master. I follow the VMware tech guide to create an optimized image, so I use OSOT. To customize the start menu tile layout I   import it Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath layout.xml -MountPath C:

It places it in the default user %appdata%LocalMicrosoftWindowsshell folder.

However  I received a path error in PowerShell and discovered that the shell folder is missing, in fact All the folders except Winx are missing in %appdata%LocalMicrosoftWindows.

This is the second 1909 image I have built, and this did not happen for the first one. The first one had the shell folder, and others in the Windows folder.

I can only imagine that something in the OSOT process or finalization whacked these folders. Anyone have a clue for me? Can I restore these by copying from another image? I have a few hours into this image and hate the idea of starting over. Thanks

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