App Volumes 2.18.x and Horizon 8 (2006)

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According to the VMware interoperability matrix, Horizon 8 (2006) is not compatible with App Volumes 2.18.x.

Does anyone know if this is an oversight in the interoperability matrix or if they are really incompatible?


I do not see why they would not be compatible as there is not really a strong dependency between VMware Horizon and VMware App Volumes except for the agents being installed on the same machine.




2006(VMware Horizon) 7.12.0(VMware Horizon 7)
VMware App Volumes
2006 Y Y
4.0.1 Y Y
4.0 Y Y
2.18.4 Y
2.18.2 Y
2.18.1 Y
2.18.0 Y
2.17.1 Y
2.17.0 Y
2.16.0 Y
2.15.0 Y
2.14.8 Y
2.14.3 Y
2.14.2 Y
2.14.0 Y

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