App install failed when started by AW Catalog

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Hello, everyone,


recently I can’t install apps (internal, vpp, public or webclips) from the AW Catalog anymore. But this only affects my OG and all devices, not those of the other admins.


If you click on Install in the catalog, the command arrives in the console (visible in the troubleshooting of the respective device).

There the command stops and is not processed or with different long delays. The status of the commands is “Queued” and sometimes “pending”.



What helps is the “Query” button in the console.

What does not help is:

– the button “Sync device” in the Hub App.

– restart of device services server


We still have a test server, with the exact same configuration and everything works as it should.


Do you still have an idea where I can have a look or do you have a solution?


AirWatch Server Version:

Hub Version: 20.05.1

Tested with iPad OS: 13.4, 13.5, 13.6 and 13.6.1



kind regards


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