Any way to do this with App Volumes?

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We have sort of an interesting use case that I’m trying to figure out…


So, we have two lines of business representing two kinds of healthcare facilities.  We have a pretty basic parent image, with appstacks containing relevant applications for each LOB.  Users are assigned appstacks according to their facility type.


Each LOB uses a different application for dictation, and the two dictation applications are not compatible in the same operating system.  (Neither will work if both are installed.)  The problem is, we have some clinicians that roam from facilities in one LOB to facilities in the other LOB, and they need to be able to use the appropriate dictation software when they’re in the appropriate facility.


ThinApp maybe?  Would the network pressures of dictation software end up being a problem there?


What I’m really wondering is whether there would be some way to selectively attach appstacks based on network segment.  Or, maybe easier, prevent appstack attachment on certain network segments.  This would allow a clinician to login on a thin client in each facility and only receive the appstack for that facility.



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