Announcing PowerShell Community Blog

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Announcing PowerShell Community Blog

We want to share the exciting news about the new
PowerShell Community Blog. Since the retirement of the Scripting
Guy (Ed Wilson) the Scripting blog has had fewer new posts. With the rapid ongoing growth of
PowerShell, this means fewer community members finding the help and answers they need to be

Community members, along with some partner teams within Microsoft, have taken up the challenge to
refresh and revitalize the blog. Now focused exclusively on PowerShell and with new
features/technology driven by the community.

We are happy to help get the word out and announce the new
PowerShell Community Blog. Focused on PowerShell with new and
relevant content from the community.

Wait! If you’re wondering about all that valuable content on the
original Scripting blog, don’t worry! All the work
from the original blog will remain intact and available to you. In fact, some of the
older-but-popular content will get updated and posted on the new community blog.

Visit the new blog, and
while you’re there, share your problems and knowledge with the community and help everyone automate
solutions with PowerShell.

Jason Helmick

PowerShell Team

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