Allowing DEM to Apply Computer Environment Settings – “disabled via configuration”

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I’m trying to leverage the new DEM Computer Smart Policies to apply the new “Idle time until disconnect” value on some VMs using in an Operating Room.

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For some reason, I cannot get it to work.


The EventLogs in the VM state: Event ID 24601 — “Both Horizon Smart Policies computer settings and ADMX-based computer settings are disabled via configuration, so computer environment settings are disabled.”


I have already manually applied the registry keys to allow Computer Policies, and recomposed the pool.

the ConfigFilePath attribute is pointing to the DEM Config share.  I’m wondering if there are Share Permission changes required for access by the computer object?!   Normal DEM accesses via the logged in user, and I’m assuming this is happening BEFORE user login, so maybe the Authenticated Computer needs read access?


The documentation does not mention permissions, so I was wondering if anyone has actually got this working.   I’d just add it, but it requires a Change Form, and having a Storage Team process the Change.



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