All available desktop sources for this desktop are currently busy

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Hi all,


I’m working on configuring a RHEL 7 desktop that leverages an nVidia Grid GPU. When I try to connect to the VM through Horizon I receive the following error message:


“Error – All available desktop sources for this desktop are currently busy. Please try connecting to this desktop again later, or contact your system administrator”


I’ve tried the following:

  • Resetting the VM via Horizon
  • Placing the VM into maintenance mode in Horizon causes the error message to change to no desktops available instead of “busy”.
  • Verified Horizon entitlements
  • Removing the VM from the Pool and re-adding
  • Verified the VM status is Available within the pool
  • Verified no sessions to the VM
  • Tried from Horizon HTML and fat client
  • Verified Pool and Client were set to Blast


The RHEL 7 VM boots and the GUI seems to “half boot”. At the VM console It shows the RHEL 7 wallpaper but never presents the login box. I’m not sure if this is expected behavior or if this could be the cause of Horizon seeing the VM as “busy”.


VM Configuration

  • All memory fully reserved
  • RHEL 7 VM w/ Shared Direct Tesla M10 GPU
  • nVidia driver (418.130) successfully installed on ESXi host and RHEL 7 VM
    • nvidia-smi works on both the ESXi host and VM and shows the M10
  • Blacklisted nouveau driver in the grub file and the blacklist file
  • Re-created initramfs
  • Updated xorg.conf
  • Installed the Horizon agent (7.10) and pointed it to the broker



  • ESXi 6.5
  • Horizon 7.10
  • RHEL 7
  • nVidia Tesla M10
    • Shared direct
    • M10-8q profile


Any ideas?



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