After vRLI upgrade from 4.8 to 8.1.1, ESX hosts appearing “as vCenters” in vCenter Server Overview – vCenter Servers integrated

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Prior to upgrade, vCenter Servers integrated count reflected correct number of vCenters – 97.  After upgrade, Administration / Integration / vSphere – completed validation for each of the 97 vCenters to load new certificate and DID NOT click check box for “Configure ESXi hosts to send logs to Log Insight” but now seeing vCenter Server Overview – vCenter Servers integrated = 11,549.  Interactive Analytics for the widget filters on appname contains vcenter-server and hostname exists.  Prior to upgrade, hostname appeared to only include “vCenters” with ESX hosts listed in events as Source.  Now, seeing vCenters as the Source and Hostname is the ESX Host names in query for vCenter Server Overview – vCenter Servers integrated.  Anyone see same or have any ideas on how to fix?

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