After update : VMWare Player don’t start….

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Hi all,


I’m using the free version of VMWare Player (ver : 15.5.6) on a Open Suse Linux Tumbleweed system.

This morning I have done an Update of my system (TW is a rolling release so I do that frequenly) and a new version of Kernel was installed.


Usualy, after a Kernel update I have to re-compile the VMMON and VMNET files of VMWare… Sometimes VMWare do it automatically and sometime I have to do manually… But VMWare always start…


This morning, VMWare don’t start without error message… I try to start in console mode and I got this :

/usr/bin/vmplayer : ligne 105 :  5175 Segmentation fault  (core dumped)”$BINDIR”/vmware-modconfig –appname=”VMware Player” –icon=”vmware-player”

I don’t know if the problem is due to VMWare or Kernel and I need advice if you think it will be better to wait a little time (get another update) or If I need to reinstall VMWare ?


Thank you very much for yours advices

Philippe (From France … ;-))

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