Advice – Multiple independent networks using vlan

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Hi all,


Would really appreciate some guidance.


Preface: VMware Workstation 15.5.6


I would like to run test lab networks, each one seperate from each other. For example, I may have a Windows Server 2019 VM with several Windows 10 VM’s or I may have another network using Windows Server 2016 VM and several Windows 10 VM’s.


Allowing them access on the network or ability to see one another would cause issues, DHCP for example would conflict with my router.


VMware Workstation virtual networking does not allow for VLAN’s and only permits Bridged, NAT, and Host-only.


Only Bridged allows internet acess.  This is a must for me as I need a way to update all the virtual machines.  If they’re stuck on NAT or Host Only, how do you keep your OS and apps up-to-date?


Any advice would be great.



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