Add multiple ESXI hosts to one vCenter in a different geographic location

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Hello everyone,


I have a design question which I could not find much information on online. Is it possible and supported to have multiple ESXI hosts from numerous office locations/ DCs added to a central vCenter without the use of Enhanced Link Mode?


Requirements / Conditions


Each site ( 4 sites) has 6 to 7 ESXI hosts 6.7

Each site running different subnet

Each site is isolated from each other



1. Open firewall port on each site to communicate to vCenter at Site C as well as adding correct routes in router.

2. Create multiple Datacenter in vCenter and add the host to each perspective cluster according to the site.

3. More than adequate WAN bandwidth between each Office location


Why this design? for potential future growth instead of deploying vCenter for new Office sites /locations just deploy ESXi hosts only and have them talk back to a central vCenter off-site


If anyone can share links with design solutions or documents I would appreciate it. I assume that as long as the site that is hosting vCenter can communicate to the other sites for management it should work. Of course, this is having all of your eggs in one basket. designing redundant vCenter I understand and know to do but wasn’t sure about support or if the design makes sense.


Lab Example

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 6.40.27 PM.png

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