Access localhost without WiFi

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I have my Macbook and a Windows 8 Windows VM in Fusion 6.

Now my problem is that for development purposes, I need to access a server on my Mac side from within Windows 8.

Localhost, don’t work.


How can I do this knowing that I need it to work WITHOUT wifi. Most of the time I’m in a plane or train and don’t have a network.

While at home, no problem, I hit 192.168.1.nn where nn is the fixed address for my Mac, but when I don’t have any kind of Ethernet/Wifi connection, then what?


Is there a way to set a fixed IP that Windows will see to talk to the Mac side?
My Fusion is using NAT for its own network needs.

Should I do something else? Bridging? What about my DHCP server at home when connected?
What I want to avoid is to have to change the config each time I’m connected or offline. I need a config that is working once and for all.


Thanks for any (detailed) instructions.



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