A Support page for Apple’s New Security Research Program For Developers

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Since this is a new initiative within itself, I wanted to always provide insight towards Apple’s strife towards a network for security professionals to gather on their main page.




My name is Anthony Phan, I was a former Apple employee of five years that had a passion for people and the user experience. After my last year, I decided to become a developer and took on many certifications and classes revolving around security and cryptology. As I research and began to enter this market. I realized how less of a regard and unprepared most people are in regards to online presence, due process of authentication, and security over digital asset. This in turn lead me right into Cybersecurity where I now began another journey with ethical hacking.


As I mentioned, I used to work for Apple for five years, I was that guy who promoted Apple so passionately and was among the very people that also believe I was safe. That was until someone thought I had it all too good and decided to made their move on me. I experienced an information breach that almost took me out and cause consequential damage to my business. At my lowest peak, I managed to overcome and place them at a haunt and now working towards recovery.


Although this may be all well and done. The time frame of me working towards this problem was all but well or a great experience. There were times I wanted to just give up, there was not many resources for one among those that are of economic disadvantage or even small to medium size business owners that are not tech savvy also share this same ordeal.

I realized that if it was for not my natural perseverance, my prior knowledge within Apple, and my constant observation skills. I would not have been able to subdue. There are a lot of people out there just like me who still believe apple has a Impenetrable system and while this may be more or less arguable, security professionals all would disagree nothing is in our time. So I propose to build a support page that will supplement Apples Research Developer Program. As a researcher myself I know I would appreciate it very much so. Please feel free to contact me for more details on how should we implicate. I would love to help in any way I can.



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