"A general system error occurred: invalid fault"

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Nimble Storage + 2 hosts in HA cluster, latest 7.0.1 update

Done the VMWare integration on Nimble, iSCSI connections work, port binding is set up, initiators work, I can create VMFS datastores for and run VMs from each host without any problem.

Storage provider is visible and online in vSphere, it’s certificate is there. vSphere certificate is on the esxi hosts.


But when it comes to creating a vVol, vSphere gives the not too helpful error:

“A general system error occurred: invalid fault”


Set up time server address for the hosts, and in vCenter. Disabled and enabled VASA provider on Nimble, refreshed the certificates, restarted vvold. Also, vvold.log shows “Firewall: allowed access to port 8443”.


vvold.log shows warnings and errors, such as:

SSL Async Handshake Timeout

VasaSession::GetEndPoint: failed to get endpoint, err=SSL Exception: Operation was canceled, using default

VasaSession::Initialize url is empty

VasaSession::DoSetContext: Empty VP URL for VP

Initialize: Failed to establish connection https://<Nimble iP>:8443/vasa/version.xml

Initialize: Unable to init session to VP

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