7.12 USB redirection issue when using PCoIP on Client or ZeroClient

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we have Windows 10, 1909 x64, VMware Tools 11.1, Teradici Zero Clients 20.1 (PCoIP) and Windows 10 Horizon Clients (PCoIP).


Our vm manager is still on horizon 7.9
We are don’t using vmware DEM


For an upgrade we installed the Horizon Agent 7.12 on the W10 Master Image.


Horizon View USB redirection not working after installing 7.12 on PCoIP on Zero Clients and Horizon Client (PCoIP). When we switch to (Blast) USB redirection works.



We tried a fresh install (deinstalling, restart), but we cannot get the usb redirection running on Windows Clients (PCoIP) and Zero Clients.

We tried complete indepentent master machines, but we have the same issue there.


We see in the reg keys the usb redirection service is installed local and we see the following driver are installed with no issues:
VMWare Horizon Virtual USB Host Controller
VMWare Horizon Virtual USB Hub


Any ideas?

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