5.1 sound in vmware windows client results in wrong speaker being used

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Machine is a Ryzen 7 2nd Gen with 16GB RAM, 8 cores x 2 threads (16 cores detected)

500GB SSD, NVidia GeForce 750ti 2GB


Installation of vmware workstation 15.5.6 build-16341506 is on debian 10

inside the vm is windows 10 licensed


the sound has been tried in the vmx file as hdaudio, sb16 and configured to uise either alsa or /dev/dsp


the linux station is working with oss, alsa, pulse and jackd (not all at the same time evidently …)


the linux station is working 5.1 with no issue, plays dvd, bluray and all manners of 5.1 encoding in kodi, xine, vlc …


what does not work correctly however I try is 5.1 in guest windows 10, the best I can do is 5.1 resulting in sounds from windows being played on the wrong speakers (front right on surround left, center in rear right rear right on front left etc …)


I have so far been unsuccessful in correcting that behaviour


Any help appreciated





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