4.1 – assigning 2 diff Pckg’s to One Application ?

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Apologies for the newb question .

We are on 2.18 atm.

We are moving from LTSB/C to Enterprise – thus we are recreating every Layer / appstack in 4.1 .


In order to consolidate and limit # of attached drives we have AppStacks that combine multiple programs into one Layer .


For example .


an “Everyone” appstack… this has 4 apps.. Chrome – PDF xchange – financial app etc. 

EVeryone in the Co gets this .. hence the name .


Now to bring that to 4.x .


My question is :


Can i not HAve One Application called EVeryone .. and assign Different Multiple PAckages to said Application ?


Using ‘Current’ doesnt work..as it appears to me i can only have one Current PAckage in an Application ( which MAKES SENSE of course ) .


I tried ‘Assignment Type ‘Package’… that Assigns our AD group for this to just ONE package . 


I want one Application to dish out 4 Different PAckages .. ( e.g. Chrome / PDF software ..etc. ) .


Is there no way to do that ?


Also the question is would anyone WANT to do that ?…


In 2.18 we created one Appstack and installed 4 items in that one app stack .


Appears in 4.x we might have to create One Application.. One Package.. and install all 4 apps in said package ?


I presume EAch Package appears to be a separate VMDK..


Thus could one say you could never Have Two Packages in an Application assigned at the same time ?


Sorry for the newb questions .


thanks much .

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