USB devices not able to connect to VM fusion since update to 11 pro and mac mojave

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Hi guys,

   i updated the macos from high sierra to mojave the latest version

   uninstalled the vm fusion 10 pro and installed the 11 pro

i found the usb devices cannot connect to virtual system and i have it set to ask which device to connect to but this window does not appear since i updated the vm fusion and macos.

   the usb devices now are directly connected to macos without any waring or ask as before

   i’ve selected “allow” for VM fusion in macos system preferences,security and privacy settings

does anyone have the same problem and how to deal with it?


Adding more cores to a VMClient : Feature 'Hot-Pluggable virtual HW' is not licensed with this edition

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I am trying to add more cores to a VM client running on  the following HP Server and I am getting the following error:


Feature ‘Hot-Pluggable virtual HW’ is not licensed with this edition.


What do I need to purchase in order to add more cores?  The server has 1 CPU and 6 cores?


Product: VMware vSphere 6 Hypervisor Licensed for 1 physical CPUs (unlimited cores per CPU)
License Key: H129K-0UL9L-28Y88-XXXX-XXXX
Expires: Never

Product Features:
    Up to 8-way virtual SMP


how to enable HBA/Passthrough Mode in HP Gen 10 , controller P408i-p

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Hi Expert ,

i need help .


how to enable pass-through or HBA mode in HPE Gen 10 with Controller P408i-p ,

i want to run the command

esxcli hpssacli cmd -q “controller slot=<slotnumber> modify hbamode=<on/off> forced”

esxcli ssacli cmd -q “controller slot=<slotnumber> modify hbamode=<on/off> forced”

but this command not running , i tried to install all drivers but nothing happened , even i run updated SPP .


one more thing i cant enter storage administrator cli mode though SPP with ctrl+alt+d+b+x.if procedure is different entering  into cli mode , kindly also mentioned it.


if somebody deployed vSAN on HPE Gen 10 with Passthough Mode , kindly help me  to figure out this .



Bilal Ahmed

VMRC – Resolution / wrong mouse position

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whenever i open a VM in VMRC 10.0.3 build-9300449 on my Windows 10 1803 PC i have some problems.

We are using vSphere Client Version


First of all, the resolution of the VM is alwas set to a very low resolution and i have to switch to 1280×800 manually.


The second problem is, that the mouse pointer has the wrong position. The mouse pointer is shown on a different position than the click events happen.

This makes it impossible to work.


Is there any solution for this?



ThinApp 5.2.4 problems

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1. Little problem

Thinapp update does not work. The message: Thinapp 5.2.4 older as installed version.


2. Big problem

I made virtual application on Windows 7. The original application third party, very old and using Microsoft VM and ODBC.

Running on Windows 10 1709 it is very stable, works well.

Running on Windows 10 1803 after awhile crashes. The errors: AppHangB1, StackHash_5d8e, PCH_EA_FROM_ntdll + 0x0006A81C,

Buffer Overflow Exception.

vCenter 6.0u3h – client integration plugin installation failed

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after upgrade of vCenter from 6.0u3d to 6.0u3h (Windows 2012 R2 server), the old client integration plugin no longer works. So I downloaded a new installation file from the web client authentication page, but the installation fails with error:


There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.


The installer is now divided into two components, run in a sequence: an actual client integration plugin installer (which seems to be installed successfully) and VMware Plug-in Service installer (producing the error). I found a similar problem description regarding an older version of the client ( VMware Client Integration Plugin 6.0 install failed – solution  ), but the workarounds mentioned there did’n help in my case.


Without the integration plugin I am not able to transfer files from and to NFS shares, so it’s quite urgent.


Thanks in advance,


Vcenter 6.7 Error when adding new hosts

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Hello all , i migrate the VM from a old Fujtusu blade to a new Lenovo blade (4 server with 2 cpu for each server).


The problem is that when i add “new” hosts to the custer, the procedure fails with the following error: A general runtime error occurred

after this messages


The certificate store of vCenter Server cannot verify the certificate.

The SHA1 thumbprint of the certificate is:

Click Yes to replace the host’s certificate with a new certificate signed by the VMware Certificate Server and proceed with the workflow.

Click No to cancel connecting to the host.

Can we give me some advice ?  is very import that i finish migration before Monday.

Display a warning when users enable AutoProtect

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Please add a big, fat information/warning to the VM’s “AutoProtect” settings dialog, to make users aware that “AutoProtect” is not a replacement for backup!

VMTN Users are frequently reporting issues with VMs, which cannot be powered on anymore all of a sudden, with errors like “The system cannot find the file specified.” etc.

Such issues mainly occur with VM’s that have 2GB sparse virtual disks, and lots of snapshots (often created by “AutoProtect”), which results in a huge number of .vmdk files.

In most of these cases the issues are caused by one, or more missing random data .vmdk files.


So again, please add something like:

Caution: AutoProtect will allow to revert to a previous state of the VM, but it does NOT replace backups!

to the settings page.