PowerShell core on Photon OS

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I installed Powershell core on a photon 2.0 by >tdnf install powershell    However, I could not use the Install-Module to install stuff from the Powershell gallery. Looks PowershellGet and PackageManagement modules are not installed. Any info about why those are not available?


PS /root> $psversiontable

Name                           Value

—-                           —–

PSVersion                      6.0.1

PSEdition                      Core

My laptop Lenovo ThinkPad needs to support Virtualization ASAP

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Greetings all,


I seek your prompt support to help me resolve my virtualization issue as my laptop ThinkPad X series apparently doesn’t support the Virtualization.

I badly need my computer to support the virtualization as I will have a training course next week. Please note that I could follow this step: How to enable Virtualization Technology (VT-X) in Lenovo, idea, ThinkPad and ThinkCentre system – sa ; however, it seems that my laptop still doesn’t support it. If you also can provide me with a tool to check or find out whether my laptop supports the virtualization after following the instruction through the abovementioned link or not.


This info may be helpful:


Processor:”Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz , GenuineIntel”

Windows 10.



Any ideas to resolve this issue ASAP would be really much appreciated.





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Hey there.


After i’ve installed Vmware converter all, in my laptop probook 640g2, it blocked because the vmware created user ___VMware_Conv_SA___ and this user conflicted with the HP software security and blocked my bios.


Now… when i try to start my laptop, the pasword for user ___VMware_Conv_SA___ is requested.


I would like any assistance for know the password of user for unlock my probook bios.





HPe Gen10 DL360 servers networking failing

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We have 4 new DL360’s GEN10, and we’re having issues with the switch ARP table not following what the servers have going on, and we’re seeing it seems to be mostly on the 10GBC ports.


I’ve ran this up with HPE and Aruba(switch) and they’re pointing at the OS (ESXI 6.5) as being the issue.


We have ISCSI and its running on the second SFP+ port going into a separate switch with Nimble storage, thats working great. No issues i’m aware of.


The VM’s will randomly drop off, and i’m stuck moving them to 1GB ports, or VMotion to another server. The switch will show all 0’s for a mac, and not list a port, but have the IP in the arp table. This seems to be only happening on the VMS on the new environment, and they all came from a 6.0 version of vmware, and we migrated them over. We haven’t had as many problems on the 1GB ports, but a few other people involved have told me we have. This was running from Friday until this morning with no problems, and today at 8 am it died. We moved the servers onto the 1GB and vmotion to another host and seems to be fine. This randomly happens across all the hosts, and we’ve not found anything to be strange, and the ISCSI doesn’t skip a beat.



6.5 shows warning for hardware

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We’re updating our GEN10 HPe servers and we’re getting errors now.


I’ve attached a screen shot, but we’re seeing


[device] I/O module 1 ALOM_Link_P4



This wasn’t here until we did the firmware upgrade on the server, and we had nothing but problems with the old firmware dropping connections to VMs, and causing network hell.


We obviously don’t want warnings showing up, suggestions?