VCSA 6.7 vAPI Router failed to load Data Service

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After VCSA 6.5 upgrade to 6.7 have following error: “vAPI Router failed to load Data Service”

in /var/log/vmware/vapi/endpoint/endpoint.log there is following error:


Invoking endpoint-service-builder

Invoking data-service-builder

Found 0 data service endpoints.

No data service found

Data service lookup failed.

com.vmware.vapi.endpoint.config.ConfigurationException: No DataService endpoint found

        at com.vmware.vapi.endpoint.cis.router.DataServiceHelper.handleNoDsUriFound(

        at com.vmware.vapi.endpoint.cis.router.DataServiceHelper.lookupAllDsUri(

        at com.vmware.vapi.endpoint.cis.router.DataServiceClientsBuilder.getDsUrisFromLs(

        at com.vmware.vapi.endpoint.cis.router.DataServiceClientsBuilder.buildInitial(


        at com.vmware.vapi.state.impl.DefaultStateManager$1.doInitialConfig(

        at com.vmware.vapi.state.impl.DefaultStateManager$

        at java.util.concurrent.Executors$


        at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.access$201(

        at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$

        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(

        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$


No data services found from LS and no cached URIs exist. Cannot initialize data-service-builder.

HEALTH ORANGE vAPI Router failed to load Data Service.


and on other vcsa 6.7 in enhanced linked mode everything seems to be ok:


Found 2 data service endpoints.

Created ds client for https://xxxxx:443/ds/vapi <- VCSA with error

Created ds client for http://localhost:9090/ds/vapi


Don’t know if its connected, but also in the HTML5 client got following error: is not a function in vcenter summary tab in Update Manger panel.

I will be grateful for any help

Cannot create VMFS Datastore on newly installed ESX 6.5 (Licensed)

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we have a new Dell PowerEdge R730xd server setup and preconfigured with DellEMC Customized Image ESXi 6.5 Update 1 A08 (based on ESXi VMKernel Release Build 7388607) .

I am using VSphere Essentials License.


Without any changes, I logged into the Vsphere Web Interface /ui/#/host and attempted to create a new VMFS datastore but got an error:

Failed to create VMFS datastore test – Cannot change the host configuration.




Name: Test

Devices: 1 x 10TB Virtual Disk (Raid 10 x 4 Physical Disks) setup by Dell.

Size to create VMFS datastore: 1 TB

VMFS Type:  Both VMFS 5 and 6 failed in separate tests.

No other existing datastores or VM’s.


Contacted Dell but awaiting response and as it ESX they may not help.


As we need this server setup ASAP I was wondering if anyone knows of any resolutions or a point in the right direction with this.


I have used ESX different flavors for years and never seen this before.


Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

I also have limited command line experience.


Can’t Remove Standard Switch Port Groups

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Seeing something odd.  We are finally upgrading from 5.5 to 6.5 and after migrating our hosts from one vCenter to another I noticed some standard switch port groups that remain listed under Networking even though none of the hosts have standard switches anymore.


To migrate we moved all networking to standard switches.
Then we disconnected our host from vCenter 5.5 and connected them to vCenter 6.5.

Finally we migrated everything from standard to the new distributed switches.


I think we may have deleted a standard switch without actually removing each of the port groups first and that may be why they are stuck there.


Anyone have any ideas on how to remove these.  They aren’t hurting anything but I like a clean view of my environment so would prefer to get rid of these.


Here is the switch view.  Shows 3 extra groups there that should be gone.  No VMs and no hosts assigned to them and I can’t see a way to remove them.




Here the switch view for our hosts.  They all look the same.  There are no standard switches.  These are all VDS.


PowerCLI Script to get ESXi Network/Storage Firmware and Driver Version

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Hi Admin,


Found this script which gets me firmware and driver info.



$vmhosts = Get-Cluster “clust01” | get-vmHost



$report = @()



foreach( $ESXHost in $vmhosts) {



$HWModel = get-vmHost $ESXHost | Select Name, Model

$esxcli = Get-ESXcli -vmhost $ESXHost



if($HWModel.Model -eq “ProLiant BL460c Gen9”)




$info = $“vmnic0”).DriverInfo | select Driver, FirmwareVersion, Version

$ModuleName = “$($info.Driver)”

$Firmware = “$($info.FirmwareVersion)”

$Driver = “$($info.Version)”

$elxnet = $ | where { $ -eq “elxnet”}

$report += $info | select @{N=”Hostname”; E={$ESXHost}},@{N=”Hardware-Model”; E={$HWModel.Model}},@{N=”Adapter-Firmware”; E={$Firmware}}, @{N=”Network-Driver”; E={$Driver}}, @{N=”FC-Driver”; E={$elxnet.version.substring(0,14)}}







$report | out-gridview



Above works fine for my blade servers with CNAs.


But on some om my VMhost I have separate FC HBAs , and to get the driver info I use something like this :
$esxcli.system.module.get(“lpfc”) | Select-object @{N=”VMHostName”;E={$VMHostName}}, Module, Version


Possible to combine this line with my script someway?